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Car auto detailing in Ajax is about adding a renewed showroom-ready shine to even older vehicles.

Did you know that exterior detailing and interior cabin restoration, can help shave years off of the appearance your vehicle? This is because unlike drive-through washing and waxing, professional auto detailing strives to completely recondition all interior and exterior car surfaces.

Using clay bars, steam cleaning, and even ozone generation, regular car detailing removes odors and restores car cabins to as near to new a state as possible. Much more importantly, exterior cleaning and engine bay reconditioning, can help significantly lower regular car running and maintenance costs.

Auto Detailing Benefits

Regular waxing and clear coat applications, don’t just prevent exterior paintwork corrosion. As well as this, generous layers of wax can help protect car paintwork from occasional dings and scratches while driving.

Of course, auto detailing isn’t just about added exterior paintwork protection. Instead, by investing in professional cleaning and detailing, Ajax car owners also benefit from immaculately maintained interior cabin areas. This in itself enhances personal comfort and can even help enhance overall road safety.

Our Auto Detailing Package Options

At RedFox Detailing in Ajax, we offer a 7-day, fully mobile car detailing service. This means that our customers can schedule cleaning and detailing of their vehicle on-site at their location. Much more importantly, we offer a wide range of detailing services suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Our Services Include:

  • Full interior cabin detailing
  • Luxury & classic car detailing
  • Full interior and exterior detailing
  • New car clear coat services
  • Ceramic coating application services
  • Ozone generation & odor elimination
  • Engine bay cleaning & detailing
  • 7-day fully mobile car cleaning & detailing
  • Headlight restoration services
  • Professional scratch & paintless dent removal
  • Exterior only detailing & car paintwork protection

Helping You Get the Most out of Your Car

Professional car cleaning and detailing is the easiest way to enhance the look and feel of your vehicle. This is why at RedFox Detailing, we strive to help you feel more at home in the car you’re driving, regardless of your vehicles make, model, or existing aesthetics.

Are you looking to reequip your car with a showroom level of professional cleanliness? If so, let us help you do just that, by calling or contacting RedFox Detailing today to schedule your first detailing appointment.

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