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Luxury Car Auto Detailing in Toronto

If you own a single luxury classic car or a fleet of luxury vehicles, you already know how important it is to invest in professional cleaning and detailing on a regular basis.

A standard car wash and vacuum after hiring a luxury vehicle out for the weekend simply isn’t the same as investing in high-quality detailing. Instead, in order to keep your luxury car in tip-top condition, you need to invest in regular, in-depth detailing, which can help keep your car looking and feeling as immaculate as possible when on the road.

Fully Certified Luxury Auto Detailing

Unlike other car detailing companies in Toronto, RedFox Detailing has the certificates and high-end car cleaning products which you need to rely on to guarantee a job well done.

Specializing in the washing and thorough interior detailing of various high-value vehicles, we regularly detail classic cars, limousines, various exotic vehicles, and even leisure boats and watercraft. Much more importantly, we provide bespoke levels of service tailored to the unique interior and exterior detailing requirements of every vehicle we work with.

Luxury Vehicle Interior & Exterior Detailing in Toronto

Using methods such as completely safe, chemical free, and non-abrasive steam cleaning, we can lift even the most stubborn stains out of car carpets and upholstery. Meanwhile, we are one of the only luxury car detailing companies in the Toronto area, who can use material appropriate detergents and redressing agents on areas like aged leather seat covers and hardwood dash inlays.

Toronto’s Own Luxury Car Spa Experience

Do you own a personal luxury or exotic vehicle? Alternatively, are you a professional chauffeur or operator of a local luxury car hire company? If so, let us help keep you and your car looking your best. Call or contact us now and let us help you keep turning heads for all the right reasons.

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