IGL Certified Installer

RedFox Car Detailing is now a certified installer for IGL Coatings, a Malaysian technology firm working extensively to improve hazardous formulations by creating an eco-friendly, low VOC coating. And by becoming an IGL and Kenzo-approved detailer, we're even more confident to be using eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products for our customers' vehicles.

Joining with IGL coatings also allows us to carry out our mission to help promote a better and safer world through an all-inclusive approach toward environmental conservation. And with IGL ecocoat series formulated and produced specifically to protect the interior and exterior of all vehicles amidst the inclement weather.

A range of solvent free or waterborne coatings combined with premium grade modified silica, these products are very easy and safe to use and guarantee to maintain the excellent quality you desire.

Ecocoat Quartz+

The new and improved Ecocoat Quartz+ is made up of 90% active ingredients reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets for enhanced durability for up to 4 years.

Ecocoat Quartz

This product is the pioneer REACH-compliant low VOC, high solid ultra-scratch resistance ceramic coatings. It has long-lasting protection and one of the industry’s coatings with durability for up to 2 years.

Ecocoat EZ

A specially developed graphene-reinforced ceramic coating that exhibits enhancements in hydrophobicity, durability, water slip, weathering, and chemical resistance.

Ecocoat Fabric

It is a water-based, zero VOC silica coating, and nanotechnology, which protects your leather and textiles against undesirable liquid, dirt, and staining.

Ecocoat Leather

A professional-grade, breathable, and low VOC non-etching silica coating specially designed to protect leather against liquid, dirt, dye, and UV radiation without altering the texture of the coated surface.

Ecocoat Wheels

It is a REACH-compliant ceramic coating that provides your wheels long-lasting protection and higher resistance against high temperature, brake dust, and staining.

Ecocoat Headlight

This product uses nanotechnology that protects your headlights from yellowing and oxidation and increases clarity and absorbs UV for up to 1 year.

Ecocoat Window

It is a REACH-compliant ceramic coating based on nanotechnology that provides a durable and effective coating to your car’s glass surfaces and improves the functionality of your glass as well.

Ecocoat Trim

This is a technologically advanced REACH-compliant and highly reactive ceramic coating that instantly bonds with trim surfaces on the molecular level to ensure proper protection and durability.


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