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It feels good driving in a clean, well-maintained car, especially when ferrying passengers from A to B.

Sadly, caring about your car’s interior and exterior isn’t as easy as simply washing, cleaning, and waxing your vehicle. Instead, prolonging the visual charisma of any car requires at least periodic detailing. This way, you can better protect your car paintwork and engine bay, whilst simultaneously maintaining interior cabin areas to the highest possible standard.

Car Cleaning & Detailing Benefits

At RedFox Detailing, we use state-of-the-art steam cleaning, claybar dirt removal, engine bay cleaning, and ozone generation, to re-equip cars with an altogether luxurious level of cleanliness.

We evaluate the condition of different car body and cabin areas. We then use only the safest (and most material appropriate) cleaning methods to restore surfaces and fixtures and fittings to as near to new a state as possible. After we’re finished, you can then drive away in a vehicle which will be a pleasure to drive and entertain passengers in.

Markham Car Cleaning for Every Budget

In Markham and the surrounding area, RedFox Detailing provide a variety of interior and exterior detailing services suitable for a wide variety of budgets.

Luxury Car Detailing

If you own a luxury (or non-conventional vehicle), car cleaning and detailing needs to be undertaken as sympathetically as possible. This is because wood inlays, leather upholstery, and more vintage exterior finishes, require the use of only material appropriate detergents and detailing methods.

Thankfully, regardless of what vintage or luxury car you are driving, we at RedFox Detailing, can wash, wax and lift dirt using only the most sympathetic tools and cleaning procedures.

Detailing Packages for Every Budget

If you clean and/or have your Markham car detailed regularly, you will likely not always be in need of full-service interior and exterior detailing. This is why at RedFox Detailing, we allow you to choose from a variety of professional cleaning packages, each tailored to your specific detailing requirements.

7-Day Markham Car Detailing

If you operate a Markham taxi service or a fleet of commercial vehicles, you might sometimes find that you are in need of urgent and/or last minute car detailing.

Thankfully, because we work 7-days a week and can attend to your vehicle on-site, we can help.

At RedFox Detailing, we work around your schedule and when attending to car cleaning and dirt removal at your location, can do so as discretely as you need us to be.

Express Car Cleaning & Detailing Made Easy

At RedFox Detailing, we take pride in helping you take better pride in your car. This being the case, don’t wait to experience better car cleanliness. Reach out to us today and we’ll get to work re-re-equipping your car with the showroom-ready shine it deserves.

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