In a different article, we’ve already talked about Paint Protection, this time we’ll briefly talk about Paint Correction or Scratch Removal.

As the terms suggest, the whole application involves removing the imperfections from the paintwork or getting rid of defects (scratches, etching, etc.) through different polishing stages. The main goal is obvious, which is to restore or rejuvenate the paintwork of the vehicle.

If you drive your car for long hours every day, especially during summer, it means it is also exposed to harmful elements such as UV rays and pollution that are known to cause damage to the paintwork.

Professional car detailers like RedFox Car Detailing helps you eliminate surface imperfection. Some may call the process buffing or polishing, but these days, it is more known as paint correction or scratch removal. Professional detailers don’t just work on the scratch itself but work on the area around it. The process is more complicated and gentler than you might think, but you have our expert team to do the job for your car.

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